All About Us

Highly Trained, Highly Effective,

Highly Motivated, and Highly Everything Else!

As respected industry leaders, we’ve grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, providing products to customers worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards. And in this industry, those standards are very high!

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Because in This Industry,

It's ALL About the Certs!

AS 9100 Rev. D Certified Aerospace Precision Machine Facility

ISO 9001:2015 Certified by ISOQAR Inc., conforming to the Aerospace Quality Management System Standards. ​

Lockheed Martin Report Cards:

100% in work for both the F-35 and F-16 programs.

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Things are Really Looking Good!

No, our staff is not all on break - they are just very camera-shy.

But they do love their new office almost as much as they love

serving their customers and suppliers! 

Some of their business tools include:

Cloud-based ECi/JobBoss ERP system with constant 2020+ updates; entire staff is trained to fully utilize and optimize all modules of the ERP - from operators, machinists, quality and production - through to accounting, operations, human resources, planning, quotes, and scheduling.  The entire company is running on an eco-friendly, paperless computerized system, except as required by the industry.

All IT and Communication Systems are installed, maintained and monitored by a top-tier computer-technology consulting company with expertise in cybersecurity for Department of Defense (DOD), as well as Exostar experience.  Their 24-hour response team will repair or replace any hardware or software issue within ten minutes of notification.  This type of service allows Aerobotech and its customers the confidence and security in knowing that those types of technical issues are minimized, or even eliminated altogether.

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"It ain't bragging

if you can do it!"

Specializing in manufacturing thousands of hard metal parts from Titanium, Inconel, Hasteloy, Stainless Steel 465 (Super Stainless)

and more.  Able to work with soft metal projects as well.

Capabilities provide 3rd and 4th-axis machining up to 84” long,

plus lathe turning up to 15” diameter.

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Maintaining Our

Competitive Edge!

Moved to new facility in February 2020

Tripled in both Size and Power (amperage) requirements for meeting or exceeding growth capacity.

Brand new State-of-the-Art Building, going beyond all Green and Environmental requirements.

New Kaeser Air Compressor triple-redundant air supply capable of full expansion fully installed.

Top-of-the-Line modular air lines installed; entire facility has been outfitted for instantaneous expansion.

All machinery and equipment have been balanced, lasered and certified following the move; including all trunnions and 4th-axis equipment, and is re-certified annually, making all our equipment in perfect shape.

Haimer Shrink-Fit induction tool-holder system is used to load cutters at tool crib.

Latest advanced ADT security system --

inside and out!

Latest 2020 versions of Mastercam, and SOLIDWORKS for the ability to meet all Boeing/Lockheed/Gulfstream and other customers requiring CATIA capability, ensuring continual machining optimization.

We have implemented Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0.  Machine Metrics hardware and software is attached to each piece of machinery at our shop.  This is the industry leader and the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven machine monitoring system.    Machine Metrics monitors, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, the equipment in real-time to detect problems before causing downtime using its AI technology.  It will notify machine operators to change a tool before it breaks.  It will notify the maintenance manager when an anomaly is detected that could lead to a breakdown.  This ability can prevent thousands of dollars of equipment replacement costs and days of downtime, as well as the loss of valuable parts.