The Superior Solution
for Precision Machining

As respected industry leaders, we've grown accustomed to working with companies of all sizes, providing superior products to customers worldwide. We enjoy putting our minds together to deliver quality goods that adhere to the highest standards. And in this industry, those standards are very high!

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Quality is our mission.

On-time delivery is our goal.

Satisfied customers are our legacy.


Highly Trained,

Highly Effective,

Highly Motivated,

and Highly Everything Else!

Meet the Team

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Gordon Alward






Woof! My name is Bandita and I am a 16 year-old Pomeranian. I have been with the Alwards since 2006. I may be old and blind, but I still have plenty of spunk in me! I love going on car rides and sleeping on the bed. I keep busy making sure that every employee at the Aerobotech office takes their necessary naps and get treats for being good boys and girls. But I have to live by example. If you ever stop by, I am probably sleeping near my mom's desk or barking while she is on a business call. Please disregard any fowl language!


Cluck cluck! My name is Paloma, and I am less than one year old. After the Alwards re-located Aerobotech to Georgia, I just showed up and was immediately adopted! Within 2 weeks, I had some food, a coop, and a heating lamp for the cold nights. I keep people company when they step outside for breaks, and provide plenty of eggs for my coworkers. Just don't take them from me when I'm awake, or else I'll get feisty with you! Oh yeah, I also have to keep that spunky Pomeranian in line! Lots of fowl language coming from her!