Specialty Parts Showcase

Helping to Make Things That Go ZOOM and BOOM!

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  • History of making parts for:

    • Lockheed Martin - 12 years

    • Lockheed Martin: Skunk Works, F-35, F-16

    • NASA/United Launch Alliance: Atlas and Delta Programs

    • Boeing: Military, Space and Commercial

    • Spirit AeroSystems: Boeing parts in both the New and Spares Programs

    • Numerous Other Satisfied Customers in various industries such as the Medical and Dental Industry, and Semiconductor Manufacturing.

An added benefit of the recent move to our new facility is that we are now capable of working at 30% capacity, and are therefore able to take on new work in the form of large projects; we retain the ability to scale up rapidly. 

Conformity . . . It's  Actually a Good Thing!